Enterprise Search. Simplified.

Enlyton is the first cloud-based enterprise search and content discovery company

Use our simple, powerful search-based app platform to inventory and organize diverse digital assets and create search-based applications on the fly.

Search Any Content, Without Moving it

Discover both internal and external third-party content – regardless of structure or location - without painful content aggregation. Cloud-based, for real.

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Fast, Easy, and Won’t Break the Bank

Content stays put and is searchable in hours/days, not months. No hardware. No burden on storage. No waiting for IT. No headaches.

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Amaze Your Audience with Search-Based Apps

Design and deploy specialized search-based apps for any audience in a snap. Yes, even that group of 4 can have a targeted or specialized app just for them.

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Enlyton Use Cases


With Enlyton, publishers with a vast number of digital properties and collections can take content from any digital property and cross reference related documents, regardless of source. Any document in an archive can be turned into a digital collection that is easily presented in a variety of engaging ways, including via mobile and social platforms.

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