Enterprise Search. Simplified.

Enlyton is the first cloud-based enterprise search and content discovery company

Use our simple, powerful search-based app platform to inventory and organize diverse digital assets and create search-based applications on the fly.

Search Any Content, Without Moving it

Discover both internal and external third-party content – regardless of structure or location - without painful content aggregation. Cloud-based, for real.

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Fast, Easy, and Won’t Break the Bank

Content stays put and is searchable in hours/days, not months. No hardware. No burden on storage. No waiting for IT. No headaches.

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Amaze Your Audience with Search-Based Apps

Design and deploy specialized search-based apps for any audience in a snap. Yes, even that group of 4 can have a targeted or specialized app just for them.

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Enlyton Use Cases


Medical or academia content providers and aggregators organize content for a relevant topic: eg. Alzheimer's, inventory internal static site content, knowledge bases, drug information, symptoms, academic journals, and other public reference sources such as WebMD.

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